Regenerative Medical Therapy

Regenerative medicine is an excellent alternative to surgery and pain medications for numerous injuries health problems. PRP and Stem Cell treatments can aid your body’s very own all-natural recovery. These medical procedures target the underlying source of pain offering pain relief that lasts.

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Over 20+ Years of Experience Helping individuals recover from pain, inflammation and degenerative physical conditions.

Our team of Chiropractic doctors are here to help you live pain free. Both Dr. Ben and Dr. Jennie work together to help each patient achieve freedom from pain and neurological dysfunction. You cannot beet the care you will receive here.

Regenerative Medicine in Pickens County SC

Treatments for the Following Ailments

Degenerative Disc Disease

Hair Loss

PRP injection in to the scalp


Ligament / Tendon Injury

Male Dysfunction


Foot with nerve pain

Regenerative Medical Services

Regenerative medicine works at relieving pain and discomfort from a large range of acute and also chronic problems. If you struggle with one or more of the list below conditions, our regenerative therapies can offer you with the long-term relief you’ve been seeking

  • Knee Dysfunction
  • Hip Degeneration
  • Joint pain
  • Osteo arthritis
  • Tendon damages
  • Shoulder pain
  • Disc injuries/disease
  • Fracture/dislocation
  • Hair Loss
  • Sexual Dysfunction

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, an alternative treatment for pain relief.

The keys to the success with regenerative medicine with regards to pain relief focuses on treating the underlying source/cause of pain. This is in contrast to surgery and the replacement of degenerative body parts that are begging to fail.

Regenerative medical treatment collaborates with your body’s own recovery process to recover the problem at its source, helping to regenerate the growth of cartilage, ligaments, bone and other tissues.

Our treatment therapy also works with your body’s own recovery procedures. The treatments are extremely focused with effective properties that can help fix your underlying health and wellness problems that are triggering discomfort. Both of our regenerative treatments are minimally invasive, and also there is little to no downtime or very little chance of rejection connected with the treatments.

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