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How it Works

  • Simply described, laser therapy light energizes mitochondria within damaged cells, jump-starting the restoration process.
  • During a laser therapy treatment session, you can expect warmth from the laser directing the healing light onto the skin.
  • The light will penetrate through the surface into deep tissue structures.
  • Each treatment takes roughly 10-15 minutes.

The Science Behind It... 

  • Cells and biological tissue respond to light at a wide variety of
    wavelengths from ultraviolet to near-infrared
  • Within this range, a therapeutic window exists consisting of
    wavelengths that are able to penetrate to deep tissue structures and
    provide a therapeutic effect.
  • Chromophores, light absorbing structures within cells, absorb
    different wavelengths of light. Photobiomodulation is the term used to
    describe the response of cells and tissue to this absorbed light energy.
  • The effects of Photobiomodulation includes reduced inflammation,
    reduced pain, increased microcirculation, increased tissue oxygenation &
    nutrition, increased rate of tissue regeneration & cell proliferation,
    and faster recovery from an injury.
  • The LightForce therapy laser delivers up to 15 Watts of deep,
    penetrating laser therapy through a unique and innovative Empower
    Delivery System(tm). The laser mechanically manipulates soft tissue as
    the laser light is being delivered. Deep tissue areas are exposed to
    photonic energy, resulting in rapid healing and improved pain relief
    through Photobiomodulation.

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